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It’s time to talk to the professionals at Barnes about our many landscaping services. From fertilization programs to full blown landscaping designs, we can help you upgrade and maintain your property. Our prices are fair. And our results are fantastic. So put our residential and commercial experience to work for you.

Landscape design and build

Whether you want to totally reimagine your landscaping or you just want to add a few shrubs here and there, we can help. Our professional team has decades of experience and can deliver a design that’s distinctively you. Call us, at 419-433-5525 or 1-800-421-8722 and we can bring a wide range of exciting new ideas to you.

Our services include:

• Planting beds
• Paver patios
• Walkways and driveways
• Walls (decorative and functional)
• Fencing
• Water features/fountains
• Landscape lighting
• Irrigation
• Lawns
• Large trees
• Seasonal flower planting
• Rain gardens
• Bio-swales

Our services

No matter how well designed and easy to maintain your landscape is, you’ll need some level of regular maintenance to keep it in tip top shape. At Barnes, we offer a wide range of services to keep your commercial or residential property looking as beautiful as ever. Call us at 419-433-5525 or email us by clicking the link below.

Bed Care

Our bed care services include pruning, edging, weeding, weed control, fertilizing, mulching and, if necessary, pest control

Seasonal color plantings

We will design and install flower bed plantings, utilizing the latest selection of bulbs, perennials, and annuals.

Seasonal container planting

Whether you want to choose from our outstanding selection of containers or bring in one of your own, we can plant your favorite collection or select one for you.

Seasonal clean ups

Let us handle your overall yard maintenance! In the spring, we will pay particular attention to pruning, herbicide and mulching. In the fall, leaf removal and fertilization will be our focus.

Lawn care

We offer commercial and residential lawn mowing services on season-long contracts or on an as-needed basise volest

Lawn care programs

Our programs include liquid and dry fertilization with weed control. Insect and disease control are included as necessary.

Tree care

We offer a full line of tree services, including trimming, removal, planting, moving, fertilizing and insect and disease control.

Plant insect and disease control

Insects and diseases can wreak havoc on your beautiful landscaping. Which is why it is so important to have a regular control and treatment plan. Our four-step program is designed to address issues proactively to keep your property looking great! Call for an estimate 419-433-5525.

Early Spring

We will apply a blend of balanced fertilizer to strengthen root systems and to enhance summer growth, flowering and general appearance.


We will apply insecticide and fungicide to the foliage to control the insects and diseases common to this area.

Early Summer

We will specially mix a combination of insecticides and fungicides to control sucking insects like aphids and mites and chewing insects like leaf beetles along with diseases like powdery mildew, scab and blight.

Late Summer

Will apply the appropriate insecticides and fungicides to rid your trees and shrubs of disease and late-hatching insects and pests.

Ask us about our additional services

Spider Control • Grub Control • Flea and Tick Control

New lawn installation

At Barnes, we install new lawns from spring to mid-fall, either by seeding or sodding. While both methods will provide you with the lush, green lawn you’re looking for, there are pros and cons for each. Seeding is about half the cost and gives you the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of blends. Sodding, on the other hand, gives you that “instant lawn” but requires two full weeks of concentrated watering to assure its success.

Let’s discuss which option is best for you. Get an estimate, call 419-433-5525.

Lawn fertilization

If left untreated, crabgrass, dandelions and other broadleaf weeds can overtake your lawn fast. So it’s a good idea to have a comprehensive fertilization program in place. At Barnes, we offer a number of options to meet your needs and to keep your lawn looking pristine! Get an estimate: 419-433-5525.


Early Spring

Pre-emergent crabgrass control and formulated liquid fertilizer.


Late Spring

Broadleaf weed control and formulated liquid fertilizer to manage dandelions and other broadleaf weeds.



Formulated liquid fertilizer and broadleaf weed control.


Late Summer/Fall

Formulated liquid fertilizer and broadleaf weed control to provide nourishment to your lawn, especially as it recovers from the stress of high heat summers.

All our Lawn Service Programs include service calls at no extra charge!

The 4-Step Program

is recommended in cases where lawns are irrigated.

The 3-Step Program

This program utilizes steps 1, 2 and 4, and is a better choice when a lawn is not under regular irrigation.

The Custom Programs

Select any combination of the 4 steps described below. In addition, we can apply weed control without fertilizer, or fertilizer without weed control.

The Guaranteed Premium Program

Includes monthly applications of fertilizer and weed control, early identification of potential fungus and or insect problems, and free grub control, if needed. We guarantee your satisfaction or your money back!

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