Let’s team up to reduce
food waste responsibly.

Help preserve our water quality, restore our soil and protect our wetlands. Join the Oberlin Food Waste Reduction Program. We are committed to reducing community-wide greenhouse gas emissions below zero by 2050. And to accomplish that goal, we need your help. The program is open to all Oberlin residents and it’s free!

Composting food waste is easy!

There’s really nothing to it. Just set aside your food waste and drop it off at any of the four convenient locations near you. In addition to the drop-off locations, the program offers curbside collection for a minimal fee. Call Barnes Composting at 888-421-8722 to sign up for curbside collection.



Oberlin IGA Parking Lot


Oberlin Community Services
(access from Oberlin Depot parking lot)


Prospect School


Spring Street Extension
(just south of Groveland Street)

What to bring.

• Baked goods (and their ingredients)
• Bones
• Bread
• Butter
• Cardboard with/without waxed coating
(clear plastic shipping envelopes removed)
• Cheese (no plastic wrappers)
• Coffee grounds and filter paper
• Dairy
• Eggs and paper egg cartons

• Fish/Seafood (including shells)
• Flowers
• Fruits
• Grains and pasta
• Meat/Poultry
• Paper cartons without plastic rings/caps
• Paper napkins/ towels
• Sugar and sweetener packets
• Tea and packaging
• Wax paper
• Wood (untreated or burnt)

What not to bring.

• Aluminum foil
• Cellophane paper wrappers
• Cleaning supplies or cloths
• Glass
• Metal
• Plastic and film
• Plastic bags wrappers
• Single serve packets
• Parchment paper
• Styrofoam containers
• Twist ties

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